GIS Control Module

The S4SOLAR Proprietory GIS Control Module is a fully integrated module of the Feed-in Fighter. Designed and built in New Zealand, by New Zealanders for New Zealand's unique solar energy management requirements.

The Basic features include:

  • Fully automated integration of any Grid Tie Inverter System with any Battery Inverter System.
  • Automated Appliance Management and Load Isolation based on battery charge state and solar array gain.
  • Battery charge level monitoring for reliable battery protection.


Why do you need the GIS Controller?

The basic problem with connecting a Grid-Tie inverter onto the output (load side) of a Battery Inverter is that when there is less load being used than there is Solar Power being generated the Grid Tie Inverter will force the excess energy back into the battery 'thinking' it is the grid. This is good for re-charging the batteries but is dangerous once the batteries are fully charged because there is no way of limiting the energy coming from the solar array so the batteries will get over-charged and eventually they will be destroyed. (It is worth noting that the SMA Island inverters CAN control the SMA Sunny Boy PV inverters through the AC frequency but this cannot be done with any non-SMA product).

Our GIS Control module monitors the energy production and requirements and battery state of charge and makes real time analogue decisions to manage the entire system by controlling non-essential loads, the Grid Tie Inverter and the Battery Charge levels to maintain peak efficiency at all times. Each module is custom programmed according to the specifications of the system.


Other uses of the GIS Control Module include:

  • Peak Shaving. The Module can be programmed so that the System will only allow a maximum amount of power to be drawn from the grid. Any power requirements above the peak set point will be provided by the battery.
  • Self Consumption of PV energy can be automated by the GISC Module. This allows loads such as Swimming Pool Pumps, Spa Pool Heaters, Water Heating Elements, Clothes Washers and Dryers, Dish Washers, Deep Freezers, etc. to be switched on when the Solar energy is higher than the ambient load in the home. This helps to mitigate against lower than retail export tarifs and in turn increases the system ROI. Every unit you use at the time of production saves you buying that electricity from the retailer. This saving is also tax-free.
  • The GISC can also be programmed to sequentially Load shed before auto starting a backup generator for off grid systems.

Custom solutions are also available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.