Thames Bulk Import

The details for Thames Residents and Businesses (and those living within half an hour's drive) and also: those in surrounding areas can now take advantage of this offer to help complete the order. Some small freight and travel charges may apply but the offer still gets you the best quality equipment at the best price around.


Please send an email to with your address for more information.

Some Questions you may have (that have been asked by others already):

1. Please advise the actual payment date.

 The Actual Payment date is any time before the 30th of July. If you make payment any earlier it will have the single benefit of mitigating against a $US strengthening which would addaround $90 per cent of strengthening so earlier payment allows us to lock in the rate.
2. Can you please recommend the best power retailer? I don’t wish to receive payment; I want to have my account credited.

(I have tried to sift through various company web sites but it’s too difficult to make comparisons as they provide information in different ways. Only one provides the actual rate of payment per Kwh)

 The best retailer will be Meridian I think. Only lock in with them for one year and then you can evaluate if there is any benefit or pricing changes in the market after a year.
3. Do I go ahead and organise the new metre installation (once I have selected a supplier?)

 Don't arrange a metering change until the system is in - we will do all the paperwork for you. You can go ahead and change to Meridian at any time however do NOT mention that you are getting solar installed as it just gets messy - they like to see the applications come through in the right order! Just change to them as a normal customer.

4. What is the likely date for pick-up/delivery?

Unsure of an exact pickup/installation date - Usually we are waiting for 6-8weeks after placing the order to see the gear so probably around Mid to late September.

5. Can you please provide the address of a local installation so that I can view the method of rail/panel installation? (This customer wanted to install his own railing and panels to help save some cost)

Sure, we are installing around the region most weeks if you wanted to see a system going in. Otherwise I can send you detailed photos of the railing going onto a roof.

And finally

6. Panel dimensions please. 1000mm x ?

The Panels are 1650 x 990 x 35mm Your 3kw system will have 12 of these