The irony of alternative energy generation is that the storage battery systems require replacement on average every 5 - 15 years. This produces a lot of waste material that is very harmful to the environment if not treated responsibly.



Our policy at S4SOLAR is:

1. Encourage the use of advanced system controllers for charge and discharge management and ensure that they are set up correctly. Charging & Discharging a battery properly can easily double it's life. Not only does this save the customer money but it can straight away halve the waste.

2. Attempt to revive the batteries so they can be used again. This can sometimes be a difficult process and very seldom do batteries end up operating at their full capacity or efficiency, however if a customer has a situation where they have a surplus of available energy a less efficient storage system is ok to use and is also cheaper than a whole new bank of batteries.

3. Recycle: Proper recycling seperates the lead from the other components of the battery and makes that lead available to be used over and over again.


If you or your organisation have batteries that you don't need any more we are able to take them off your hands and put them through our Restore/Recycle Program. We will give you a reciept stating that your batteries have been disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. In some cases this service may be at no cost to you depending on battery type and condition, transport costs etc.

Here is a video showing how LeadAcid Batteries are Recycled.

If you would like to talk about how we can help your organisation deal with your battery waste in an environmentally responsible way please feel free to contact us.