Our design services cover Solar Power, Heating Solutions and Automated Energy Management Systems.


Whether you are at the initial planning stages or wanting to improve on an existing building. We are happy to talk with you about the available products, systems, technologies and techniques and also ways to impliment your ideas.


Often we can spend hours designing a relatively simple solar power system - we want to get it right as do our customers. Our margins on equipment help to cover this design cost. It is our policy not to charge for design services of solar power systems below 10kw as we are able to recuperate the cost in the subsequent sale of the full system. The full system design comes with backup service and full product warranties when all the components are purchased as a complete system according to the design. Occasionally our customers may find an individual product that makes up part of the complete system with a different spec or price than what we specify.

The benefits of purchasing each component individually are often only price related.

The benefit of purchasing the complete system as specified and designed and from the one designer/supplier is that the designed system will receive full backup support and because all components are purchased from a single supplier there is no 'finger pointing' in the case of system failure. One other benefit of a single point of supply is that the full system can be supported with one phone call and sometimes even service calls are not subject to a charge due to product and workmanship warranties that are offered with turnkey systems.

From ancient methods of passive solar heating right up to hydrogen cells for generating electricity, whatever your budget, whatever your vision, get the right people and the right advice.