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There are literally thousands of Solar Panel Manufacturers around the world so it's hard to know at a glance which brands are the best.

The industry grades panels into three main teirs. This grading system has it's faults but gives you a pretty good idea of quality of product. However, the product is not the only important thing to consider. The stability of the company, warranties and supply lines (for future support) are also very important. for example the largest manufacturer in the world is expected to declare bankruptcy shortly - and they won't be the first. This is important because if there is a problem with your system you want to know that the company who made your panels will still be around to support them.

Pictured: Complete Free-standing Array including solar panels, pole top mounts, frames, earthing system, connectors, clips.

There are a handful of panels that tick all the boxes as far as quality, company stability and support go. Out of these we currently believe that CNPV, Jinko and Renesola are the best choice for PV panels for New Zealand Conditions. These panels are the most rigorously tested during the strict manufacturing process and thus offer the most consistent output along with surpurb warranties and guarantees. They perform exceptionally well in low light conditions and always seem to put out more power than their rating. In some cases we have seen over 10% More output from a complete array!

Poles must be specified according to terrain, surrounding landscape, buildings, array height, wind loading of the site etc. They can be joined together (as pictured) to form large ground mounted arrays with minimal disruption to the land (and budget!)

All our PV panels comply with NZ and international quality standards. Click here to see certificates for our panels.

NB: It is almost always less expensive to mount your Solar Panels onto your Roof.