Nickel Iron Battery

They are calling it the "Lifetime Battery"

Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) battery technology for your off-grid or renewable energy storage needs. Vastly out-lasting the 5-10 year life cycle of lead-acid.

Nickel-iron battery systems have an expected life of more than twenty five years.

Over a century ago, Thomas Edison found a battery design that he considered to be nearly perfect for the Electric Vehicles, Busses and Traction Motors that were in useat the time.


  • Refillable alkaline electrolyte. When the cycle life is up the electrolyte is disposed of - not the whole battery!
  • Full depth of discharge. The Nickel Iron technology is resilient even when completely discharged regularly.
  • The semi-translucent cases are great for amazingly simple water level checking - no more removing the caps and peering down the hole. Just glance at the bank of batteries and you can see the levels of every cell in seconds.
  • Nearly indestructible. Some of Thomas Edison's original cells have been found and recharged back to full capacity after over 30 years sitting dead flat in a garage! That was decades after they had outlasted the truck they were originally made for.

The Cost of a Nickel Iron Battery bank is around 50% more than high quality Lead Acid for the same useable energy storage. The weight is slightly less and the lifespan is 5-6 times longer at least.

When estimating the cost of Nickel Iron Batteries allow for around $1100 (NZ) per kWh of usable storage capacity. Your voltage should be calculated in 1.2V multiples and your charging system must be capable of providing up to 1.67 volts per cell.


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Thomas Edison with his Nickel Iron Battery

Thomas Edison with his Nickel Iron Battery