Energy Consumption and Grid Tie PV Production Monitor

OWL Intuition-pv is a new OWL product created to complement and monitor your Solar PV installation. OWL Intuition-pv provides real-time access to your electricity consumption and solar generation data through your web browser, smart phone or tablet.*
How does it work?
The Network OWL gateway automatically logs all of your consumption and generation data securely within the Intelligent Cloud software platform. You can then login to view your live and historic data, from any Internet connected computer, anywhere! Or if you wish, access OWL Intuition-pv on your smartphone using a dedicated iPhone or Android app - both available for free download . Network OWL gateway simply plugs into your existing broadband router and wirelessly links with the Transmitter and two Sensors.
OWL Intuition-pv is part of a new and expanding family of intelligent, cloud based energy monitoring and control solutions for domestic and commercial premises.
System Design
OWL Intuition-pv allows you to monitor how much Solar PV power is being generated, the energy your home is currently consuming and hence how much power is being imported from or exported to the grid. Two separate Sensor clamps need to be fitted as shown in the Type One diagram opposite.
NOTE: Type Two installations, where the Solar PV power is fed directly into the consumer unit, are not currently supported.
  • Energy data is automatically and continuously collected and stored within the Intelligent Cloud via a Network OWL connected to your existing broadband Internet connection
  • Real time and accumulated data can be viewed via:
    • Web browsers (including iPad)
    • iPhone and Android smartphones
    • OWL energy monitors
  • Clear summary information with trend indicators and “hover over” analysis
  • Easy to read graphs with hover over detail values
  • Print or download graphs
  • Supports block tariff based on usage
  • Supports Economy 7 and other common timed tariffs
  • Configurable real time consumption EcoNudge™ messages
  • Download CSV data file for your own analysis
  • Optional data push via Multicast or UDP protocols
  • Software is upgradable to provide access to future new features and services