Digital Battery Monitor

RRP $664.70 Inc. GST NZD  
Trade $514.63 Inc. GST NZD  

High Quality Battery Monitor - incl. Shunt

  • Highest resolution: 10mA (0,01A) with 500A shunt.
  • Lowest current consumption: 1mA.
  • Easiest to wire: the BMV 600 comes with shunt, 10 meter RJ 12 UTP cable and 2 meter battery cable with fuse. No other components needed.
  • Easiest to install: separate front bezel for square or round appearance; ring for rear mounting and screws for front mounting.

Battery Monitoring and Charge Control is so important. Why? Because your batteries are one of most expensive chunks of your off-grid system and they have a life expectancy. Manufacturers will tell you they should last 6 - 10 years but I have seen batteries still going strong after 20 years and I have heard of batteries dying after 18 months. The best battery in the world will perform no better than a cheap car battery if it is not looked after.

Read these three most important things to ensure your batteries go the distance and you will start to understand why a battery monitor is so important.