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25th June 2012   12:01PM  

Anything's worth a shot! When it comes to saving power almost anything you try will make some difference. 
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Power costs rise by around 60 - 70% for the average NZ household during Winter.

You may or may not be a customer of ours but the fact that you are getting this email means you have contacted us and are probably interested in one thing:

 paying less on your power bill each month.
- installing solar panels is the no.1 long-term solution to making free power (with an estimated payback of 5:1 on initial outlay) but there are also many ways that you can use less power in your home or business. These tips are free and mostly simple, low cost and quick to impliment.

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Pull the Plug

Born in a tent?

When airing out your house on days when it's very cold and you have the heating on, don't open a window at each end of the house just a crack and let a nice breeze flow through for the day. Turn the heater off and open EVERY door and window for 5 Minutes and get a sudden boost of fresh air through the whole house.

Then as soon as you have opened them all, close them again.

This will replace the stale air very quickly.

Yes, the house temperature will drop (maybe to near freezing), but once you have closed the place up again the furniture, walls, floors and cielings will start to release their heat back into the rooms and the temperature will rise again quickly. But only open up for 5 mins so the stored heat in the walls doesn't just fly out with the stale air.
Turn it down!

Heat your house

(Tip continued)

Now think about this... if you set your heatpump to 22.5 it would be able to actually get there and maintain that temperature. You would not know much different and the power consumption would drop by around 20%. Like any heating or cooling appliance the thing to consider is NOT the final temperature, it is  the DIFFERENCE in temperature  between the outside and the inside. (notice the BOLD Italics and Underline all in one - that bit was the key!)
Think about the Deep Freeze for a second: Standard temperature is -20 Degrees, the outside temperature could be as high as 30 Degrees (if it is sitting in the garage on the north side of the house) so the actual WORK it is doing equates to 50 Degrees of cooling. Ask the question, how cold is freezing? 0 Degrees right? So why are they all set at -20? So set it to -5 instead, and then relocate it to the south side of the house in the coldest room possible, say, 15 degrees. NOW the work has dropped by over half - another appliance using less than half the power.

Tip 1: Heat your house

Not the whole world!
The heating (or cooling) of your house is one of the highest users of energy, why? Because you think you are just heating a couple of rooms when what you are actually doing is heating the planet. Let me explain: We all know that heat is eventually lost. Through a window, a crack in the door or just through the insulation of the walls and ceiling. No matter how well insulated or airtight your home is you can reduce your energy use by well over half through some of the following tips:

Pre-tip: Before heating - Make sure your insulation is up to scratch. Imagine saving $90 per month after investing $1500 in new insulation for your ceiling or floor... that's a rather fast return on investment!

Tip: Turn it down a bit! (This is a HUGE one.)
Most people think of a temperature and aim for it, let's say you want your home at 25 Degrees (nice and toasty) your heatpump is set and will work full bore until it gets to ... well, it never actualy gets there - the losses in the windows and insulation are just too great, so you end up sitting at 23 smiling happily thinking that you are enjoying 25.

Just for some light amusement... here is an email conversation between a customer and Genesis energy.

"I finall got through to someone..."

Amazing Response!

At the beginning of last month we launched our new Importing Partnership deal. I tested it on just a few of our potential customers and the response was amazing.
- If you ever thought of importing your own solar panels or if you just want to get the best value in NZ on solar power then the Importing Partnership may be for you. The way it works is all explained here.
(For those who just missed out on our May deal we are about to offer a special extension so please feel free to contact me (021750024) or the office (0800 S4 SOLAR) or just keep an eye on your inbox.)
Our next offer is looking to be around the end of July - Just finalising some things and I'll let you know.

Anything's worth a shot!

When it comes to saving power almost anything you try will make some difference.

The tips you will get in these emails will hopefully do more than just a little bit. Oh, and please don't worry - we are not going to bore you with the basics like stopping dripping taps (although that is a good one!). Saving energy is not so much about what to do or how to do it, the real savings come when we understand the WHY something happens. So, although some of these tips might be lengthy you will notice that they are more about how energy works - which gives you the "why" of the tip rather than just the "what to do"... For example: Closing up the cracks in the doors and windows - stops the air flowing in and out of the house - the air carries energy. << That's an obvious one but once the principle is understood then it plays out in many other energy saving areas also.
But we will try and not bore you with the techo stuff either! Promise!

Life is Colourful

Now your solar can be too!
(I know that sounds really cheesy - but how else do you describe it?)
We have just secured a direct importing line to a very unique Glass Manufacturer in China. They make customised glass solutions with an emphasis on BIPV solutions. BIPV (or Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic) has been an exciting area of development at the cutting edge of the solar power industry. But like most cutting edge technologies BIPV has struggled with real world application and of course pricing has often been further out of this world than the technology itself. Enter Golden Glass Co, Ltd. - The success of this company has been in focusing on the integration of two well established technologies: Glass and Poly Crystalline PV. They make the colourful PV range (as seen in the sample above) and also curved glass PV panels, structural glass PV and also customised solutions.

S4SOLAR has formed a good relationship with Golden Glass and we are excited at bringing some custom and BIPV solutions to this part of the world. (We are already working on a project but it's still under wraps for now - can't wait to tell you about it shortly!)