Lord Rutherford
Lord Rutherford

How the Importing Partnership came to be

Here's how it all happened...

We only sell the highest quality PV panels from what we believe to be the best manufacturers in the world. After all, if you are spending thousands in a long term product that increases it's value over time then you want to know it will last. Cheap PV panels may look identical with similar warranties and guarantees etc. but they just don't go the distance. When I sell you a PV system I want to sleep well knowing that in 20 years from now it will still be making you tons of free power.

Normally top quality panels will cost you about 10-20% more. this can be difficult to swallow when that amounts to two or three thousand more than the next Joe company can sell you a system for. So one day I was talking to a customer (who is now a very happy one!) about their future system when I mentioned that I was bringing in another shipment of panels in a few weeks and I just blurted out "would you like to jump in on the order and I can cut the cost down a bit for you?" Of course he jumped at the chance - I got my calculator out and he jumped even higher!

So I offered the deal to a whole lot of customers on my list and we suddenly had more 'extras' on the shipment than the original order!

Of course always wanting to offer my customers great deals they can't get anywhere else I talked to my lawyer and got the words "importing partnership" trademarked.

So if you are reading this far, thank you! That is the story of how this came about - as most Kiwi ideas do - by accident in a conversation.