Sustainability is no longer expensive, exclusive or elusive.

Technology advances and the rising level of awareness have been two key drivers toward Economic Sustainability. Now more than ever (well, "ever" meaning "since the industrial revolution began") there are more options available for environmentally concerned businesses and individuals to operate and live completely sustainably and make a profit doing so. For example: installing PV or Hydronic Solar panels to your roof can bring in financial returns in excess of 15% - that's better than money in the bank (and far less risk!)

While capital outlay and information still hinder many, the main thing is that it is happening, the dominos are falling and momentum is building. The next 3 - 5 years may well see the largest uptake of sustainable technology ever seen in history as we see the economic and environmental benefits overtaking the costs of implementation. Governments are doing their part (albeit slowly) by legislating and subsidising but this is really only a small aspect of the big picture. The real catalyst for change is economic, like it or not it always has been and probably always will be.


At s4solar we have sourced and researched a wide range of green technologies and we have a good grasp on which ones have reached financial parity, which ones are lagging behind and, best of all, those presenting good solid returns on investment. Weighing the economic factors up against the environmental benefits and impacts and your goals for your business or personal sustainability is something that can tax even the greenest mind.

Talk to us and let us help you bring your plans for a greener planet into reality.