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All is not Lost!

On the 6th of November Meridian Energy, the self-professed "Leaders in Renewable Energy" dropped their Feed-in Rates to around 1/4. This spells very bad news for the Residential Solar Industry in New Zealand. Luckily, there is a product that has been Developed and Tested right here in New Zealand and is available to Control Your Solar Power and Automatically Reduce Your Feed-in.

Helping You KEEP the Power in Your Hands!

The Feed-in Fighter is a Revolutionary Control System that Monitors Your Solar..... more.

Enjoy the Sunshine AND your Power Bills!

You buy power from the national grid at anything between 25 and 35 cents/unit (and rising). If you install solar power it is natural to assume that all the power your panels produce will just naturally offset your power bill at this rate (25-35 cents per unit produced) but this is NOT the case.


Did you know that most Grid Tied solar Power Systems installed in New Zealand EXPORT over 60% of their power to the grid? Did you also know that this exported power is sometimes worth LESS THAN HALF the retail value - which means investing in Solar Power is not a straight-forward calculation.

That's where we come in:

1: Higher Returns per Installed kW - Proven. How do we manage this? Click here to see how...

2: Waterproofing Guarantee: No drips on your roof!

3: "An absolute pleasure to deal with" - Bruce, Wanganui

We love Solar and better yet we love to see our customers trying to wipe the smiles of their faces!

Long before Grid Tie Systems were financially viable in New Zealand we were working with Stand-Alone Systems (Off Grid) and we put a stake in the ground for Quality. While others were happy to cut product and design quality to compete on pricing we stood our ground and basically said "We don't want to be coming back to fix these systems so we will ONLY install the very best." And it works we don't get problems. In fact, many of our off grid systems are so well designed that our customers have a better "up-time" than the national grid!

But that's Off Grid, why not just go for the cheapest for a Grid Tie system if reliability doesn't matter? Three reasons: Safety, Longevity and Higher Output. I want to be able to look my customers in the eye in 25 years and both of us are still smiling. The difference in life expectancy of a high quality solar PV panel is around 200%. We have seen panels fail at 14 years and some still going at 40 years. Safety is already a concern in the New Zealand Solar Grid Tie sector as we are seeing many inexperienced operators jump into the new energy wave. Click here for more information on Quality as it relates to Safety.

The combination of CNPV Panels and Enphase Micro-inverters is deadly when it comes to total energy output. But even with up to 24% more energy your System could be falling prey to the lower feed-in rates paid by the Retailers and what's worse, if they decide to reduce their rates then your investment goes down too.

Facing North? Well, it all depends. The key to real financial returns out of your PV system is to consume the power at the time you are making it. Now if you are out all day and your power consumption is typical of most Kiwis, you will be using around 40% of your power from 5pm - 8pm and 25% from 7am-9am and your north facing Panels will be making power while you are away. The first answer is the EAAM Service, but this also includes a crucial consideration: North, East or West Facing Panels or a combination of all three directions.

PV Returns through Time of Use and Production Matching of East/West Facing Arrays:

The East and West Facing Array will produce around 9-11% Less Total Energy Output over the course of a year than if it were facing North but the VALUE of the energy will be higher as a lot less power will be exported at 6 to 10 cents (which may fall in the future) but rather will be used at your Retail Purchase Value (which will always go up!). So to mitigate against Rising power Prices and Falling Feed-In rates 

The REAL exciting news for Grid Tie Solar Power systems is the introduction of the Feed in Fighter. This is a new Kiwi development that has the ability to more than double the financial returns of most residential Solar Power systems. It works by measuring the electricity flows in your house while your solar array is producing power and then automatically switches appliances on and off throughout the day. This means that you use far more of your own solar electricity than you normally would and so you are not exporting anywhere near as much to the grid at their low rates and you are also not buying that energy from the grid. More on this exciting product here:

There are Three main types of Grid Tie System.

1: Single Inverter, PV Panel String Array, Direct to Grid Connection. This is the cheapest and in some cases the best value for money. If you can self-consume as much of the energy as you product it then this system will provide you with between 8 and 12% Simple ROI. (Greater for some small to medium sized businesses)

2: Micro Inverters behind each panel allow you to overcome shading, varying roof angles and DC voltage safety risks. Around 10% dearer than the string inverter system the Enphase Micro-Inverters are now the number one selling inverter worldwide. Their output is tested at between 14% and 24.8% HIGHER than the leading string inverter system in no shading sunny and overcast weather (respectively).

3: Grid Interactive Systems utilise a small battery to allow more efficient use of your own electricity and reduce your exposure to varying feed-in rates and power outages. The most expensive system by far but if you structure the GIS properly you stand to get a better payback than any other system. kW Grid Tie Commercial PV System. Cromwell.

"Ben is the most trustworthy guy to deal with, that's why we went with S4SOLAR. He gave us a credit of thousands after we had transferred the payment for the Importing Partnership when the US Dollar changed in his favour, he could have kept it but he passed the savings on to us." - Andrew Tough, AA Tough Plumbing and Drainage.

It's time to get your own back! (or as one of my customers put it "stick it to the power companies!" - have you ever felt that mad?)

Now you can have the power (and sell your power back to them.)

If you are sick of the banks too (offering an interest rate on your money that works out less than their fees) then we have the answer for them as well.

Governments around the world have been subsidising home-based solar power for years. (except for New Zealand - of course!)  ... read more here...

This is one of our systems running the old analogue power meter backwards
(before it was changed to a smart meter)

S4SOLAR Grid-Tie systems start at around $5900 including GST for a 1.2kW Installation. This will give you around 5 Units of power in a day (average throughout the year) Some of our 3kW systems are seeing over 17% Return on Investment P/A in the first 20 years. You can have one of these installed for around $14k incl GST. (All our pricing reflects our "no surprises" policy - to confirm your exact installed cost we need to talk with you about the particulars.)


Cost is approximate and depends on variables such as location of panels, roof angle etc. Please feel free to call or email us if you would like to discuss your solar power needs.

Worried about the angle of your roof? Perhaps you could get a tilt-kit - or perhaps not! Panel pricing has dropped so much that sometimes it is cheaper to flat-to-the-roof mount your panels and just add a couple of extra panels than to spend all that effort and time tilting your whole array up a few degrees. Here's an example....

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Use the Sun for your Power and the 
Grid as your Backup Battery

Use the Sun for your Power and the
Grid as your Backup Battery