GIS Hybrid

GIS Hybrid

Ben Stanton

Less Export means more return on your solar investment.

The Grid-Interactive Hybrid System protects the future of your Solar Power Investment.

By using Batteries and Automation a well designed Grid-Interactive Hybrid system will out-perform and out-last any normal battery back-up system.

Automated Self-Consumption (R)

For Businesses or Homes that are already connected to the grid the Grid Interactive System suits you best if you want to generate your own power with solar but also require one or more of the following:

  • Power Outage Protection. When the power goes down you stay on-line and profitable.

  • Higher Efficiency: Batteries 'soak up' the short periods when the sunshine eases off and the PV arrays cannot keep up with demand. During these periods instead of using the grid power your system will borrow power from the batteries and return that power when the sun starts shining again.

  • You want to match your solar power production as close as possible to your average consumption.

  • Buy off the grid during the night time rate and sell back at the normal rate. (depending on the retailer's feed in tarrifs and requirements.)

  • Mission-Critical Equipment such as servers, automated machinery, medical equipment and facilities etc. (even coffee machines!)

  • End of line load reduction. As remote communities grow so do their power requirements. As from mid 2013, legislation suddenly required end of line communities and customers to take responsibility for power line and transformer upgrades. The GIS will enable communities to maintain growth and delay or remove completely the upgrade of their transmission system.

  • Peak-Shaving: Reduce your demand on the network during peak times when electricity is more expensive. Using Strategically placed PV arrays, load shifting and battery systems are the three main ways your Solar GIS can save you serious money by reducing your peak time demand.

NB: Don't mistake the Grid-Tie or even "Battery Ready" system with the true Grid-Interactive system. Many people talk of Grid-Interactive Systems when what they are really talking about is Grid-Tie.

The future of Domestic Solar Power will be an advanced grid interactive system that uses Solar Panels and other forms of micro generation, advanced distributed storage such as super capacitors, fuel cells and traditional tech like lead acid and Lithium, even the battery in your Electric Vehicle will be used to "transport" power to and from various locations and support the home during peak (and expensive) demand times on the grid. Eventually, through careful integration of various common technologies such as smart metering, micro-power generation, hydrogen cells, smart appliances, home automation and electric vehicles, your power will become a source of income for you.

Power sharing and micro generation will become commonplace as these various technologies mature and as the distribution infrastructure is outgrown.

All our Grid-Tie and Off-Grid systems are able to be upgraded to full grid interactive in the future using our proprietory GIS Control Module.

If you want to know more about the Grid Interactive System or you would like to upgrade your existing Grid-Tie system to gain the advantages of the Grid-Interactive setup please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

For a brief explanation of how our GIS hybrid system functions click here.

The S4SOLAR GIS system uses the Power Genius optimisation system for it's monitoring and control functionality.