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View the PowerBOS video here: http://www.3news.co.nz/tvshows/story/solar-revolution-that-will-change-your-world-2015102120

Premium Solar Power Case Study:

The Sounds Retreat is the luxury accommodation in the Marborough Sounds. This exclusive single unit lodge has all the mod cons from spa to coffee machine and the power bill to go with it - but that's changed... (more)

Welcome! You have landed on New Zealand's 100% Kiwi Owned and Operated Solar Power Company. (There are not many around so well done on finding us!)

It's taken us a while to realise how important this little fact is to our fellow Kiwis so to help out I would like to invite you to give us a call directly, have a look around the site or look at some of our videos.

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S4SOLAR is built on two things:


If you are wanting the very best of these two then you are at the right place.


- Do you want to reduce your monthly outgoings and get over 11% return on your money?
- Fed up with the constant increase in power prices?
- Struggling to find good information and friendly people to help?
- Would you like to be able to talk with someone helpful and get real answers to your questions about solar power?
We are here to help!

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We are passionate about providing our customers with continuing first-class service.

NZ solar power systems are our specialty, with system design and implementation experience from tiny to tremendous and with the backing of some of the biggest names in the industry we can offer our customers reliable, long-term solutions followed up with professional and helpful staff.

PV Solar Technologies can be used in any power system. We offer design support, information and products for property owners, farmers, architects, the electrotechnology and construction trades, government departments and private companies.


The head office is based in the Waikato and services the greater Waikato, Auckland, BOP areas however as we are getting a lot of interest further a-field such as Christchurch, Nelson and Cromwell (where we have installed the 2nd largest grid-tie system in NZ) we now have Agents and Installers covering most regions nationwide.
With the increased popularity of solar power there are many companies springing up to take advantage of this market. Although there is nothing wrong with the entrepreneurial spirit jumping onto the next boom, we are finding that the two main areas of lack with many of these companies are knowledge and, well, knowledge. Many of the people who come to us are frustrated with the lack of information they are getting but the most concerning thing is to see the lower quality products entering the market.

We focus on these areas of lack in the NZ solar power industry:

1. offering our customers good and abundant information.

2. an unwavering commitment to using the highest quality components available. Stemming from our off-grid experience we understand the need to install quality product in line with a quality design, we also know that safety is directly linked to quality and safety must be taken seriously when dealing with Solar Power.

3. A fun and passionate approach that will leave you far more informed and a lot happier about your decision on how you can bring solar power into your life.

These strengths along with 'perfection' standard installation ensure that our customers are well informed and that their investment will last longer and give greater returns than any other system available.
Call us now free on: 0800 S4SOLAR (0800 747 652) or fill our our contact form here.